Benefits of VPN

A VPN is a collection of protocols which offer a high-security environment for data and ensures safe passage of sensitive informations across an unsecured network such as the Internet. HarpVPN allows your data to be encrypted which provides private and secure web browsing

A powerful websites unblocker solution

HarpVPN offers the ideal solution to bypass filters and firewalls placed by your network administrator or geo-restrictions enforced to your country. This innovative website unblocker allows you to quickly access your favorite video content from NetFlix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, BBC.


Enjoy internet freedom

  • Instantly unblock Facebook, Twitter or any social networking websites
  • Access your favorite content on Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, YouTube
  • Unblock any VoIP applications including Skype
  • Unblock restricted gaming websites

Why use HarpVPN to unblock US websites?

How to bypass geo-restricted websites

Geo-blocking is the method that based on your IP address allows or blocks access to your favorite content from Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, WWE, CBS, FOX, MTV, VH1, ABC. You can bypass geo-restrictions or regional restrictions with our VPN software which grants you access to blocked websites. HarpVPN will assign a new IP address which will unblock popular US websites.

Unblock any website or VoIP applications

Many countries imposed censorship and have blocked access to great online content. Internet users from certain countries are not allowed to access social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Also, VoIP applications including Skype are blocked. Our VPN service will create a secure tunnel between your location and our servers and will offer you access to blocked websites or will unblock VoIP applications.

Private & secure internet access

Do not let your data to be stolen by hackers and snoopers!

In today's connected world, the Internet is full of hackers and snoopers ready to steal your identity, credit card information, and other sensitive data. Your Web browsing experience in such an environment it's not secure nor private. What would you do if identity thieves have your personal information?

HarpVPN delivers the right tool for private and secure web browsing. Work with security experts and safeguard your personal information from grifters, fraudsters, and thieves.

Encrypt your identity with HarpVPN
  • Military grade data encryption using 256-bit SSL
  • Mature VPN protocols OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP, IKEv2
  • User-friendly Application

Private & secure internet access

Protect your sensitive data

When browsing the web, HarpVPN service will encrypt your data and protect it by passing through a secure tunnel. We use military grade technologies that will ensure 100% protection of your online data.

Achieve online security

Don't let hackers and snoopers to compromise your Internet experience. Easily secure online activities and enjoy online privacy by running HarpVPN on your device.

How to hide your IP address

Hide IP benefits
  • Hide your IP address from hackers and snoopers
  • Browse websites anonymously
  • Change IP address automatically or manually
  • Unlimited server switching
Gain online anonymity with state-of-the-art IP hider solution

The severity and frequency of identity thefts are increasing. Hackers and snoopers try new and inventive ways of monitoring your online activities and steal your personal information like credit cards.

HarpVPN provides you with a unique IP hider solution which will hide your IP address or change your IP address, allowing you to have a secure Internet browsing experience.

How will we hide your IP

Your IP address is your online identity. Hackers can use it to find your location, to track and inspect your web traffic. The best way to protect against this cyber-criminals is to hide your IP address. Everytime you connect to the Internet with HarpVPN, our software will assign a new IP address, hiding and preventing the exposure of your real IP. That will give you the ability to surf the web anonymously and secure your online identity.

VPN will change IP address with one of our secure server's IP addresses. Your data will be encrypted, guaranteeing the highest level of confidentiality and online privacy.

Anonymous Surfing

Key Reasons to Surf the Web Anonymously
  • Mask your online footsteps
  • Protect your sensitive information
  • Prevent ISP and hackers tracking you
Enable anonymous web surfing with our VPN service

Surfing the Web comes with an associated risk. Online activities are always tracked and monitored. When your real IP address is exposed on the Internet you may be a victim of hackers who can steal your private information.

Everyone has a right and a need to be anonymous on the Internet. Our state-of-the-art VPN service will provide you with privacy and 100% anonymity on the Internet.

Get peace of mind with our VPN service

HarpVPN provides secure Internet access solution. Our premium VPN software will create an encrypted tunnel between your device and our servers, enabling you to protect your online privacy and identity.

Whether you are on public Wi-Fi at airports, hotels or coffee shop, an anonymous VPN service like HarpVPN is your online shield and it's your unrivalled invisible browsing guarantee. Be anonymous and enjoy online privacy.

Wi-Fi Security and Safety

Enable safer and secure Wi-Fi hotspot experience with HarpVPN

Wi-Fi hotspots are found in many public places such as coffee shops, airports, hotels where people might want to browse the Internet. However, they are not secure, and they are subject to security issues because data is not encrypted, thus everyone within range can capture sensitive data like passwords, credit card information, bank account information.

Buy VPN and stay safe
  • Encrypts your internet traffic
  • Provides Wi-Fi security and safety
  • Military grade encryption protocols
Why use HarpVPN for Wi-Fi security

HarpVPN technologies are designed to use military grade encryption mechanisms that will protect your identity and sensitive data.

Your personsal information will be encrypted and passed through a secure VPN tunnel, no one will be able to intercept your Internet activity while using Wi-Fi hotspots.

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